Common Bathroom Tile Problems and How To Address Them


Bathroom Tiles are although durable products that usually hold up well for years, however their site can sometimes cause troubles. Moisture is the biggest enemy of the tiles, even those that are installed efficiently. As a consequence, the entire surface, including shower, floor, walls, can eventually weaken.

Common Bathroom Tile Problems And How To Address Them

Have a look at the common problems of tiles and ways to rectify them.

Grout Stains

Grout is porous; it can easily absorb small amounts of any liquid applied to your bathroom tiles. Even cleaning solutions can cause your grout to become discolored and lose. Hence, the right solution is to have your grout sealed to protect against moisture absorption. Get professional help and don’t try anything yourself.

Shower Leakages

If you notice that water from the shower is leaking into the tiles, it is likely for you to have an expensive problem at some point. Although, an unsealed grout could be the cause, underlying membrane could also be a reason. So, inspect your shower tiles for cracks or signs of damage to the mortar. Plus, poor tile installation can cause leaks in the shower.

Stained Tiles

In some houses, a thin film may develop on bathroom tiles that can be difficult to remove. While cleaning products are often the cause, there is always the chance that there is a leak. Hence, if water is able to get beneath the tiles, it will eventually leave stains. To combat this, homeowners sometimes use cleaning solutions that are wrong for their tiles that make the problem worse.


This is one of the biggest concerns for bathroom tiles. The Bad news is that it isn’t very easy to avoid. Water in the bathroom creates an ideal environment for mold and bacterial growth. However, when the area is dry, this risk is significantly reduced. Even a minute crack in tiles can create an opening for mold. Have the tiles and the grout examined to see if any repair work is needed immediately after noticing.


To avoid concerns with your bathroom tiles, consult an experienced handyman to deal with the installation. Check your shower or other parts of the bathroom if you suspect that there is a leak. Discolored tiles are more than a just a nuisance; they could also be a sign of warning that all is not well in your bathroom, and quick action will mean spending less on repairs.

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