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DIY Hanging Baskets for Bathroom Storage

Suitable for rough use, hanging wire baskets are probably the best storage option when it comes to creating more space in your small bathroom. Keep on reading to know how you can install one on one of your bathroom walls to make it look more organized!

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How to Fix a Leaking Shower Drain

A leaking shower can occur because of several reasons – maybe there is crack around the shower drain, or maybe because of damage to the tub seal or the faucet. It’s not rocket science to decipher the cause – you may also consider yearly inspections by a handyman, New York.But, if trying to do-it-yourself, here’s a detailed guide on how you may fix a leaking shower drain. Read on!

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5 Simple Steps to Replace Broken Ceramic Tiles at Home

Cracked or chipped ceramic tiles often result due to improper installations with poor adhesive bonds or in case they are smashed by some heavy object. You should avoid pasting a chipped tile back into its place as it will not only look sloppy, but it won’t last long enough. Though a minor crack can be masked by painting with a similar color, fixing a bigger piece would give an untidy appearance. Therefore if damage is more severe, you are then required to immediately replace it.

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An Easy Guide to DIY Kitchen Sink Replacement

A kitchen sink is a standard drain made of steel or plastic. It is used for washing dishes and food in the kitchen. However, with time, metal sinks can get corroded and plastic ones can break. The damages can result in water leakage,which may further cause damage to other parts of the kitchen. Therefore, it is advisable to replace your kitchen sink when it has lived its life. To know how you can do-it-yourself, read on.

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Fixing a Broken Door Knob – Step By Step

Door knobs constitute the principal part of any door as the security of a room is majorly dependent on them. Any room with a door without a door knob is definitely not a secure one. Selecting a perfect door knob can be a daunting task since there are a variety of door knobs available today with various security featuresand designs. Even if you have selected the ideal door knob for your door, fixing it in case you encounter any problem with its regular functioning can again put you in trouble. Read along for a step to step guide to fix a broken door knob.

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Bathroom Tiles Repair – Do it Yourself (DIY) Guide


Experts in the field of house construction always advise repairing any tile damage on time so that the damage doesn’t escalate into a major problemlater on. Installing tiles on your own is not easy, even if it just replacing a …

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