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DIY: Make your own pocket-sized toolbox kit at home


It is always hands to have toolbox that can be used to fix anything, anywhere. A good toolbox always has tools that can solve any problem with ease, sans any hassle or time wastage. Before venturing out on making your …

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DIY: Activity ideas for kid-friendly New Year’s Eve


Santa just waved goodbye to all of us with loads of goodie and happiness, and we are all set to celebrate the holiday season with our family & friends. This is the time when we sit together, celebrate great time …

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DIY: Make a reclaimed wood Christmas tree with expertise from handyman Manhattan


I am yet to come across a person who isn’t a fan of wood and Christmas and who isn’t eco-conscious. Combining this perfect combination, I thought of making a DIY project – something that would be made of wood, be …

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DIY: Make your own recycled Christmas lights


It has become a custom for us to buy decorative lights during Christmas Eve every year. We all love to light up our homes inside and out with colorful lights to embrace the festive season with joy and warmth. This …

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Tips to ensure you assemble IKEA furniture to perfection


Assembling IKEA furniture can be a time consuming and difficult task. It is exciting to assemble the furniture yourself, but given the time it requires, people prefer to hire professional IKEA furniture assemblers. Hiring IKEA furniture assemblers’ in New York …

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DIY: Magnetic Cable Holder for IKEA Bedside Table


Unless you have a table with cable manager of some sort, storing the cables is such an annoying task. Instructables member sbanas understood this the hard way. Just when he got home new IKEA furniture – one piece comprising SELJE …

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DIY: Building a rustic coffee table for your living room

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Coffee table is an important piece of furniture in our abodes. When you want a new coffee table for your home, there are two options – you can either purchase it from the market, or build one at home from …

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DIY: How to make your own zombie for the Halloween party


While most people advocate otherwise, there are a number of medical experts and academicians that advocate, based on evidences, that zombies are for real. Yes, there is a rare chance we will see one for real, so here is how …

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DIY: Make a wooden laptop stand for under $3 in a jiffy


If you happen to use laptop for long durations then you definitely need a laptop stand to make it easy to use the laptop while lying in your bed in a relaxing position. Sure you could buy a laptop stand …

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DIY: How to make attractive and dirt cheap candle holders at home


Your dwelling is your personal space where you can reflect your own values and personality which speaks a lot about you as a person. No wonder people invest so much time and money into their home décor, buying things that …

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