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How to Make an Invisible Book Shelf

Bookshelf Invisible

The bookshelf can be invisible. But that’s not a magic trick. It is just a smart assembling of the things together to create this illusion. Since we are not a magician, we are not bound by magician’s oath. And it …

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Want to turn your home into a more eco-friendly space? It is easier than you think. Here are some simple ways to get started. If you are really serious on reducing the carbon footprint, follow these easy tips and enjoy a greener home.

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8 Smart Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home In Budget

Smart Interior Design

There are good chances that you landed here looking for some fancy changes. Whether you are doing it for the first time or you have given it a try earlier, you need to know that interior designing needs more of …

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9 Creative Designs Of Coffee And Side Tables

9 Interesting And Creative Designs Of Coffee And Side Tables

Tables are an imperative part of the furniture in our homes. If you wanna make your own table, you’ll probably save a handful of bucks and you will have an amazing table that nobody has seen some time recently. There …

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Keeping On Top Of Home Maintenance Is Important

Keeping on Top of Home Maintenance is Important

A home is not merely an investment of a lifetime, but it is one’s biggest essentials for life. It is known to bring protection and comfort to your everyday life. Benefiting your entire family with features such as relaxation, luxury, …

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Top 10 Innovative Doors for Your Home

Sliding Glass Door

Hence, if you are not happy with your present door or are looking forward to add more class to the entry of your home, these creative doors can help you out. Have a look: Pivot Doors- Turn The World Around! …

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5 Budget Friendly Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Wall Art

If you really go crazy about the home improvement tips, it can turn out to be too heavy on your pocket. So, it’s good to decide what actually you wish to do or what part of your home requires immediate …

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Reasons Why a Professional is Must to Install Furniture

Professional is Must to Install Furniture

No matter how much you spend on building a house or remodeling it, it doesn’t get completed without the furniture. Nice, decent looking furniture is all which gives your house the real sophisticated look. It not only adds elegance to …

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6 Kitchen Countertops From Cheap to High Class

6. Classy Enameled Kitchen Countertops

From everlasting steel to colorful granite, there are varieties of options as per your desire to give your kitchen a traditional or rich look. Here is a list of six types of countertops that can be used in the kitchen …

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Cozy Small House Design on Wheels

You might have heard about ‘Food on Wheels’ but have you ever thought of a ‘moving home’? Let’s take a peek into the world of ‘Houses on Wheels.’ Why they are so alluring? What about their mobility? And their modern …

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