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5 Easy DIY Garden Furniture Ideas using old Furniture!

The exquisite flowerbed!

Your lovely garden can be more beautiful if appropriate furniture is added to it. Now, this never means you need to dig a hole in your pocket for buying those expensive stuffs. You can easily create some of them with …

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Five Innovations you can Bring to your Kitchen!

lighting Kitchen

Are you planning to give a new look to your kitchen or you are starting with its new construction? If the answer is yes, then this is the opportunity to bring new life to your home through innovative kitchen designs. …

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Top 4 things to consider while Remodeling your Kitchen and Bathrooms!

Make best use of Space

Nowadays, kitchen and bathroom remodeling is becoming one of the greatest interest of homemakers. The exponential rise in interest of people has made them invest more and more in their existing homes, rather than buying a new one. And, to …

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Cozy Small House Design on Wheels


You might have heard about ‘Food on Wheels’ but have you ever thought of a ‘moving home’? Let’s take a peek into the world of ‘Houses on Wheels.’ Why they are so alluring? What about their mobility? And their modern …

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Top 5 Kitchen Makeovers to fit in your Pocket!

Personal Touch

Do you think your kitchen lacks something or leafing through any interior decoration magazines, you start yearning for those glossy designs pictured in it? If yes, then it’s high time to go for a kitchen makeover. Now, the next concern …

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5 Smart Tips to be a Successful Interior Designer!

Interior Design

As the world gets more trendier, there is a dire requirement of good interior designers.  This work seems to be easy, but it’s not. One needs a strong knowledge of design styles, a solid work ethic, an appealing philosophy, and …

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Easy ways to create a Bedroom that grows with your child!

Growth of your child

With the growth of your child, changes his choice. So, when it comes to his bedroom, you cannot keep things constant. It needs to be revamped from a small nursery to a big child’s room, and then to a teenager’s …

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7 Honest Plumbing Tips From an Honest Plumber

Plumbing Tips

Excessive water usage and hidden damage to plumbing can cost you buckets of cash. Plumbing problems often include clogs, drips or leakages. So,it is important for you to familiarize yourself with your plumbing system that you can minimize the damage …

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Popular Modern Interior Trends to Watch for in 2015


A renovation of home or apartment; it’s one of the subjects in ‘what to do New Year resolution’. The biggest challenge, however, is to decide an interior design and style. The trends come and go, and it’s hard to exactly …

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Remodel your Bathroom in Seven Easy Steps


Bathroom isn’t just about a functional space, but it’s an integral part of an interior design of your home. We have some tips to share with you and help you explore possibilities to transform your bathroom with simple modifications and …

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