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DIY: How to make your own zombie for the Halloween party


While most people advocate otherwise, there are a number of medical experts and academicians that advocate, based on evidences, that zombies are for real. Yes, there is a rare chance we will see one for real, so here is how …

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DIY: Make a wooden laptop stand for under $3 in a jiffy


If you happen to use laptop for long durations then you definitely need a laptop stand to make it easy to use the laptop while lying in your bed in a relaxing position. Sure you could buy a laptop stand …

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DIY: How to make attractive and dirt cheap candle holders at home


Your dwelling is your personal space where you can reflect your own values and personality which speaks a lot about you as a person. No wonder people invest so much time and money into their home décor, buying things that …

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DIY: How to stabilize a grinder stand so it’s not a hindrance to your craftsmanship


A grinder stand is one of the finest addition to any craftsman’s workshop. Mostly, the grinder stands are constructed out of steel and position firmly in place when the grinder on it is spinning. There can be times when something …

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How To Hide Cords While Wall Mounting Your TV?

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Hiding the cables now becomes an easy task for your new TV. It will hardly take an hour to place all the chords safely and in a clean manner that too without using any power tools or special equipment. Your …

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DIY: Handyman NY shows how to make an IKEA box charging station


I personally have been a great fan of IKEA furniture. It impresses me how a company up in Netherlands came up with an idea to create furniture which owners could assemble right in their homes. I became really fascinated with …

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DIY: Make a Measuring Tape Holder in Just 3 Steps


A measuring tape is a must have in the toolbox of every builder, designer, homeowner or a renter. It is a low-priced and very handy device, acquiring a little space it has a greater number of uses. Whether it is …

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DIY: 7 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Wooden Headphone Holder


Where do you keep your headphones when you don’t need them? Do you litter them around on your bed, work table, closet and sometimes even on the floor? If that’s how you keep your adored headphones, they won’t last as …

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Design your own Plumbing Pipe Headphone Stand


Designing a plumbing pipe headphone stand for your work space is a simple, cheap and easy. You can accomplish the project in less than one day and here’s what you need to do. If you’re up for DIY weekend and …

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Steps on Building Sliding Shelf for Your Laptop


Does your laptop own excessive space at your work station? It’s time you localize your laptop to a specifically designed sliding shelf. Buying a new laptop will add more furniture to the space and will even cost you a handsome …

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