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DIY: How to Make a Wooden Toolbox

Wooden Toolbox

To make a wooden toolbox at home, follow the steps mentioned below and see how easy the whole process can be. Things you will require 6’ 1×10 clear pine 6’ 1×6 clear pine 2-4’ 1 ¼“daimeter dowel Wood glue Wood …

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DIY – Making a Simple Wooden Bench


It is a great idea to have small sitting arrangements in every room of the house. Having them not only increase the functionality of each room, but also gives you a chance to be creative with the décor of the …

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DIY Planning for Lighting Artwork at Home


Light can accentuate a piece of art hanging on a wall, or do the opposite. Yes, that is true. Different types of artworks need to be lighted differently. While you’ll need to rely on an art installation service in New …

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DIY Interior Design: How to Think Like a Professional


When thinking of designing or redesigning home interiors in a city like New York, the first thing that comes into mind is a professional interior designer. We’re fascinated to watch these experts create balance and set proportion and rhythm in …

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5 DIY IKEA Assembly Tips for Everyone


Select the right bunch of tools and be a little organized when undertaking an IKEA DIY assembly project. It is not necessary to only use tools that come along with the furniture you buy. You can supplement them with better …

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DIY Painting: 5 Secrets Top Professionals Never Want You to Know


Compete with a professional painter and you will notice a significant difference in the end results. While the professional work will speak for itself, your work won’t even be near to completion. But, what besides professional skills did your work …

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DIY: How Can You Fix A Window Air Conditioner That Propels Hot Wafts?


When compared with room AC, a window air conditioner is relatively smaller and compact in design. However, the packed in proposal doesn’t alter in mechanism and functioning. Every now and then, you might notice that the window AC puts an …

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DIY: Color Selection for Kitchen Cabinets & Counters


Cabinets and countertops are certainly the most important elements of your kitchen space. Durable and classy cabinets and countertops that go well with the existing décor of your dwelling are easy to find if you know some basics. While handyman …

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How to Choose the Right High Security Lock All by Yourself!

You are as safe as the weakest link in your safety plan. All security elements should be in a prefect marriage to give the home and its members the safest environment possible.

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DIY: Creative Ideas for Stretch Ceilings


Modern ceiling technology, the stretch ceilings offers a golden opportunity to interior designers and also homeowners to step into the world of imagination. Superior quality, safe, practical and unbelievably economical suspended ceiling solution; stretched ceilings provide a wide range of …

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